Sustainability Is More Than a Word to Us

Sustainability, More Than a Word to Us
MAILERS HQ is dedicated to following all applicable environmental rules and regulations when it comes to minimizing our environmental effects and safeguarding our world for those yet to be born. And when we, led by our Chairman, Terresa Liu, discovered that there was no template to follow for plastic sustainability, we became one of the first factories in the packaging industry to make a move on it.

Terresa spearheaded a long-term viability project for MAILERS HQ, leading us in a new direction beginning in 2013. She believes that ethical business practices are critical to our company's long-term success. The collaborations we’ve established with like-minded industry affiliates, and the general population, are of utmost importance to us as we intend to uphold our commitments to them. She is a proponent of environmental stewardship who understands the advantages of sustainable best practices. She sowed the seeds for sustainability long ago, and its popularization has been growing ever since.

As we began evaluating our operations and rapidly focusing on our most significant environmental impact, solid waste, we discovered that there was no template in which to gain insight in the plastics industry to focus on sustainability. We first began evaluating our operations’ in-house procedure on solid waste, and then we immediately began to look at ways to narrow down on this great environmental impact source for ourselves and the world around us.

Change Begins at Home
One of our first steps was to begin lowering the quantity of solid trash that went into landfills at our locations in Guangdong. By doing so, we overhauled a variety of issues, from movement to storing, to satisfy our objectives. As a result, our critical collaborations and highly committed staff was able to divert 85 percent to 90 percent of our garbage from landfills in less than a few years.

Our in-house facility garbage was then delivered to a waste-to-energy incinerator facility, allowing us to achieve landfill-free status. In order to cooperatively lessen our impact on the Earth, we shall pursue this strategy openly and measurably. Our sustainability initiatives have been fueled by them, as well as a cycle of continuous improvement.

Taking a look at how to best address these concerns from the inside of our organization has given us real, personal, and up-close expertise when it comes to addressing sustainability issues that have impacted our environment. As a result of our success, we expanded our efforts to our national offices while at the same time we began implementing comparable measures across the organization where we were able to see rapid results.

Progress We Can All Be Proud Of
We’ve been successful in diverting millions of pounds of solid garbage from landfills thanks to the work of MAILERS HQ factories. Since then we've remained focused on our most significant environmental impacts, such as energy consumption. And in doing so, we've been able to minimize our impact on the power we use.

If our accomplishments in bringing real change to our environment by our fierce belief in sustainability are acknowledged that’s good enough for us, as we at MAILERS HQ have every intention to continue doing our part. These sustainability programs now bring a slew of advantages, including real dollar-for-dollar cost-effectiveness to our bottom line, and the principles that we value have helped us to remain a pioneer in our field.

Our Vision into Fruition and Beyond
Plastics are employed in almost every industry in place of more obvious sources of materials because they allow producers to create items that are lighter in weight and less expensive. In addition, they are non-corrosive in nature and more weather-resistant, long-lasting, easier to shape to form, and they’re reusable and recyclable. Unlike many conventional materials, plastics have a lower environmental impact and they can play a significant part in improving our world, that's why it just makes sense to take advantage of its versatility.

In addition, they offer an exceptional cost-to-performance ratio in regards to their use for many mechanical, clothing, and electrical components among a long list of others. All of the uses of plastic can’t be listed here, and the aforementioned items only touch the surface as the usability is endless when it comes to plastic in all areas of our societal, technical, and commerce-driven world.

Fortunately, more and more companies are benefiting from the ethical use of plastics in their efforts toward being aware of what it means for the health and longevity of Earth. As it were, they are each finding the various uses of plastics are innumerable and the bottom-line for profitability is not likely to be affected. But it is our Chairman, Terresa Liu, who realized this vision early on, and she is the driving force that propels MAILERS HQ’ dedication to sustainable plastics.

Plastics are that valuable asset helping us to mold a sustainable future into every corner of society. MAILERS HQ’s commitments are set forth by Terresa, whose vision is the catalyst for our commitment toward waste production. We take our policy on environmental sustainability very seriously, as the health and longevity of our common home, Earth, depends on it.