Poly Bubble Mailers vs. Kraft Bubble Mailers

Poly Bubble Mailers vs. Kraft Bubble Mailers

As a company looking for an ideal packaging material, you will factor in the type, shape and size, the weight, level of protection and the cost. The shape, size and weight will also have a bearing on the actual cost of shipping so they are as important as the padding or cushion and other protective attributes such as prevention against scraping, scratching and denting, as well as moisture. You may be a tad perplexed with the two most commonly used packaging materials of the day: poly bubble mailers and kraft bubble mailers.

The choice will invariably be influenced by the type of goods you are shipping. The size and shape of the goods, the weight thresholds, the degree of fragility and hence the level of protection they need. There are also the elements of color, printing, recyclability, closure or sealing, prevention against moisture, weight, rigidity and freight costs, all of which will be influenced by your choice of packaging material.


  • Kraft bubble mailers have a natural and unique appearance but poly printed mailers are more customization. You can go for a custom logo or a certain mix of colors and their imprint on poly mailers will be far more authentic. Kraft paper doesn’t allow the true colors to show because of the preexisting golden hue underneath. If you want custom colors and printed designs, then poly mailers are more appropriate.


  • Poly mailers are more recyclable than Kraft. You are perhaps aware that plastic and paper need to be segregated before bubble mailers can be recycled. In case of Kraft, the paper needs to be separated from plastic, which is what the bubbles are made of. While both are recyclable, Kraft has a more extensive process.


  • Both Kraft and poly bubble mailers can be sealed effectively and they are tamper-proof. Poly mailers have anti stat release liners that can be peeled off. They don’t cling on to the package. This is desirable for many types of packages or goods.


  • Kraft paper is not resistant to moisture. Should you need a material that is moisture resistant, then the default choice is poly mailers. On the flip side, Kraft bubble offers a little bit more protection than poly bubble mailers. This is primarily because Kraft has high profile bubbles. The bubbles are taller, offering more rigidity. This comes at a cost though. Larger bubbles of Kraft increase the freight cost. You can practically load almost twice the volume of Kraft bubble mailers onto a truck if you choose poly bubble mailers. PRO TIP: Up your game and customize your kraft bubble mailers!

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