How to Recycle Bubble Mailers

How to Recycle Bubble Mailers

How to Recycle Bubble MailersAs the world becomes more conscious of prevailing environmental problems and potential natural crises in the near & distant future, the packaging industry has to step up and do its bit for a greener tomorrow. Companies are increasingly looking for eco friendly packaging materials. The demand for biodegradable and recyclable packaging materials is at an all time high. Bubble mailers need to respond to the need of the hour. They should be recyclable. Here are a few ways you can recycle bubble mailers.

• You can always reuse bubble mailers. The only requirement is careful handling every time you open the flap. If you don’t damage the material then you can conveniently reseal the bubble mailer and use it again. You can change the label and even logo, if any.

• You may also recycle the bubble mailer. Simply cut down the mailer vertically and then horizontally so you split and separate the longer and shorter sides. You will effectively have a sheet of bubble mailer. You can access the plastic inside. Use a pair of scissors to segregate the plastic and the paper. Now you have two materials that can be recycled in two distinct ways. Dispose the plastic with your plastic recyclables and the paper with your paper recyclables. You can dispose these at your curbside recycling bin or at a recycling drop off point anywhere nearby.

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