Custom Poly Mailers for Unboxing Experience

What’s all this hype about this new social trend of UNBOXING and how it had played an important role for e-commerce business to rely on custom and printed packaging like designer poly mailers, custom bubble mailers or boxes? Here is what I found out.

The promising last quarter of the year is the best time to market your business just as different competitors invest so much in campaigning their products through print ads, commercials and even online. You will have to gather all your force to win the internet by having the best engagement and customer experience. Some resort to brand awareness using all platforms of social media that is so essential for an e-commerce business and some are even using the delivery packaging as a way to stand out and be unique among competitors by using custom-made boxes and mailers bag with gift cards thanking the customers.

While most business may be thinking that what’s inside the box is the “holy grail”, thinking outside the box is also necessary. And I am being literal. What we will be talking about is the packaging like that thing that wraps and protects your “holy grail” eg. bubble mailers, kraft mailers envelope, and not the way you will improve your website. We will focus on the trending UNBOXING euphoria that is so popular today.

What is UNBOXING anyway?

According to Wikipedia definition, - unpacking of products, especially high tech consumer products, where the process is captured on video and uploaded to the internet. The item is then also explained in detail and also can sometimes be demonstrated as well.

Another precise definition for it by tech-savvy people:

  • UNBOXING is a phenomenon where a person takes a consumer product out of its box or original packaging while filming the process. That person then uploads the video to the Web for others to view - Techopedia

I know you will be asking what’s in it for me and my business? Well, if you haven’t been spending some time watching Youtube videos, might as well check it out and type the word “unboxing” on its search box and be surprised how many people view such a simple event for an ordinary person’s life. Some influencers, famous Youtubers as what they are called, have taken the opportunity to take advantage of their followers on social media to gain more followers or subscribers by doing UNBOXING videos. The most appealing and most viewed are those videos done by ordinary people because it projects truthfulness and unblemished reactions far from monetary agenda that well-known people do for a product. One such video, for example, garnered 7,945,006 views from just 4,122,502 subscribers. Now that’s 3,122,504 more than what is expected to watch Marques Brownlee unboxing his iPhone 7.

UNBOXING videos really can shape the perception of buyers as it conveys a feel-good sense of emotion, excitement that people would want to experience thus influenced them to try or purchase the products.

Aside from tech products, other items being documented by video are clothes, beauty products, and toys. Such products produced dedicated Youtube channels that look for shoppers that look for reviews and testimonials from ordinary or expert people.

Although its pretty obvious that they make money for making such videos through endorsements, affiliate marketing, traffic sales, and advertising, we can’t argue how a lot of people trust them for their reviews and selling integrity.

So what’s the take away from all this hype?

Imagine capitalizing on these millions of viewers that watch and share that personal experience captured on video and uploaded on different social media sites showing the UNBOXING experience, stating the reviews about the delivery and packaging. That will be a great marketing tool to gauge customers take on your brand or product.

Regardless of your product might be the next viral item reviewed by UNBOXERS or not, you must not miss the prospect of impressing your customers and gaining new ones by making sure that every product turns up on-time, undamaged and looks amazing when they do the UNBOXING. Most importantly than branding and packaging is the commitment to customer experience which is the top most priority for all types of businesses to thrive and be successful.

At the bottom, illustration is a sample of Mailers HQ Custom Print Poly Mailers self-seal bags printed with black company logo and diamond design on a plain white poly mailers envelope to showcase uniqueness and brand awareness. This packaging ensures protection for your (specific) items because it is made from light durable, moisture resistant, a multi-layer blend of polyethylene film which acts as a great alternative for bulky carton packaging. It was made lightweight to reduce postage costs and these envelopes have a self-sealing strip for easy closure and tamper-evident. The soft outer layer of each envelope provides water plus impact resistance with an exceptional puncture and tear resistance so your package arrives undamaged. These can be customized according to your items dimension and need a bag can also be in different colors and are made of 100% recycled plastic that is eco-friendly.

I would also add some more points to stand out among others and be more unique, in choosing a color or combination of colors to use for your custom poly mailers packaging, do research about the Psychology of Colors that is a proven way to easily capture attention and conveys a subconscious message to people. It does affect their emotions, especially their buying mood.

And lastly, some of this unboxers are holistically for the welfare of the natural environment, they will most likely mention or give comments on their videos what type of materials are being used for the packaging. A company that supports the preservation of the natural environment is an added plus for nature-loving customers.

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