Affordable Poly Mailers Bag

Affordable Poly Mailers Bag

It is a necessity for an e-commerce business to use poly mailers to deliver items to their patrons. The growing industry is so promising that a lot of marketing strategies suggest that it is not just making a profit, but also a way of broadcasting your brand, especially if using a custom or designed poly mailers.


Your business might already be established or just starting, one thing for sure, cutting cost for shipping supplies like mailer bags, bubble mailers to convert it for more earnings is what most you are eyeing for.


You may rely on shippers like USPS for free shipping supplies, but on their own mailer bags, you can’t get the advantage of customer retention or brand awareness, especially for products that require customized packing supplies that will secure items to ensure that it will arrive in its destination to its best condition.


Stretching your shipping cost from 1% to 2% or 3%, is equally a good idea, for it serves two purposes. An item delivered in good condition means no losses for returned goods due to damage, loss or tampered. Lastly, it may be used as a way to create brand awareness, free advertising by customizing your own mailer bags like kraft envelopes, bubble mailers, poly mailers with your brand printed on it or using a packaging tape with your brand.


Mailers HQ offers the cheapest option for your packaging needs. From mailer bags, custom bubble mailers, custom poly mailers that come in different sizes for your brand and product specifications. Our mailer bags are the cheapest in the market guaranteed even if you shop around, and if not, we can price match others.


Our products are worth your money, it is cheap but without compromising the quality of each mailer bags. Poly bubble mailer, for example, is unique, lightweight padded mailers made from a top quality durable, moisture resistant which protects items. It is designed to be light to cut postage costs. It is also tamper-proof to ensure items like cell phones, accessories, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, books, crafts and jewelry is well sealed by a self-sealing strip. Possible damages from impact, water, puncture, and tear will greatly be reduced ensuring products would safely be delivered undamaged.


There may be other cheap options available to ensure item protection for your shipment by simply using more bubble wrap which we sell as well cheap in bulk or wholesale. Meanwhile,  considering that our prices for custom mailer bags are so cheap, it will be wise to consider opting out to custom packaging instead.

 Affordable Poly Mailers BagAffordable Poly Mailers Bag

Designed poly mailers bags are going to add more impact and value for your business brand or product due to customer experience and colorful packages are more appealing or attractive. In fact, it will add more anticipation of unboxing packages that might be from someone special to them or it is an item they had purchased using their life savings. Unboxing experience will never be the same again and it is surely a one way to impress or make an impression to customers that might share their experience to social media like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and many more.


Every item delivered will create brand awareness and connection to your customers. Connecting with your customers will build trust and loyalty. Through their own mouth, advocates will be formed that will promote freely your business.


Mailers HQ does invest for such an idea that we dedicate our business to help your business to succeed and grow. We also need to mention reaching out to another market segment such as those who are environmentally concerned consumers that are looking for environmentally friendly products and materials.

 Affordable Poly Mailers Bag

All products are made from 100 percent recycled materials and eco-friendly that shows our support for using renewable, reusable materials, thus promoting conservation of natural resources and ecological life itself.


Mailers HQ offers free shipping for wholesale or bulk orders of our products. Reach out to us for consultation.


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