Kraft Paper Roll

Kraft paper is ideal for a variety of packaging use. The most common use of kraft paper products tend to to be used as a fill in. We offer several base paper weights in our kraft rolls since the most commonly used void fillers are from kraft rolls. All of our kraft paper is made from 100% recycled materials so its safe and eco-friendly.

We also offer indented kraft paper rolls and that are very absorbent and hold their shape well even after impacts during shipping. Companies usually choose the indented kraft rolls for added protection. The indented kraft paper offers a raised bumpy surface to help absorb impacts and provide added protection.

If wrapping metal objects or moist objects be sure to look at the poly coated kraft paper rolls. The poly coated rolls help to protect from oil, dirt, grease and moisture. Our poly coated rolls come in a variety of widths to handle even the toughest jobs you may have.